Club invites refugee children to join dancing groups

The club “Dance and sports stage Ludwigshafen” (Tanz- und Sportbühne Ludwigshafen) invites refugee children to join the training in a dancing group. From now on, boys and girls who are interested in dancing can sign up for one of the 15 groups of the club in Oggersheim, Friesenheim, Pfingstweide or Altrip. Most groups are dancing HipHop, but there are also some groups that are dancing jazzdance or special dancing for very small children. Children without practical experience in dancing are welcome, however the club can only take in a certain amount of children and youngsters per group. Each team is leaded by a trainer. For more information and registration please contact Tamara Mödersheim (phone: 0621 16 63 02 85 or e-mail: