Culture aims at reaching and offering something to everybody. That gets around. People from the city, the region and from a bigger circuit come to Ludwigshafen as guests

International festivals, theatre, museums and the city library

The city library (Stadtbibliothek)

In the city´s library you can borrow media, above all books. The membership for kids and teens under 18 is free. Adults pay a charge of 15 Euros per year.

The city´s library offers individual language and reading courses, “German as a foreign language” for children of refugees and adult refugees, which are currently being developed.

There is information as to how to use the library in different languages (i.e. in English and Arabic).

There are also special introductory courses as to the library´s usage.

The city´s library offers an afternoon of plays and games once a month (on a Monday afternoon). Also, you have free W-LAN access in the library´s building.

Registration is possible in the central building of the library as well as in all branches of the city library and needs to be done in person. There is no way of registering by means of phone or email. What is needed is a valid identity card or passport. When showing the passport a registration certificate of the local residents´ registration office is also required.

Children and teens up to the completion of their 16th year of age must submit a written letter of consent of a legal guardian.

The user card is to be presented each time you want to borrow something and remains in the city library´s ownership. It is not transferrable.

A possible loss of the library´s user card is to be reported without delay. Damage that may have incurred by abuse of the user card (also caused by third parties), is within the liability of the registered user, even if he or she has not caused the damage.

All media are to be borrowed except for the non-lending collection.

The lending period is four weeks. Shorter lending periods apply for movies and magazines.

The central building of the city library is in the city centre. In addition, there are eight library branches.

The city library of Ludwigshafen has provided access to the online platform PressReader since July 2016. Using the PC’s in the library or connecting via wifi with smartphones or tablets, users have access to more than 5.000 international neswpapers and magazines online. It is even possible to use PressReader at home or on the go with a PressReader app. A library card is needed to use PressReader. For more information please contact the public library by phone, the number is 0621 504-3533.

Museum of Wilhelm Hack (Wilhelm-Hack-Museum)

The city´s museum (Stadtmuseum)

The theatre in the Pfalzbau

Musikschule der Stadt Ludwigshafen