Requirements to work in Germany as asylum seeker

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work in Germany during the first three months after their arrival in Germany.

After three months, they can obtain a permission to pursue an employment. They can get such a permission from the aliens registration authority.

Until recently, there has been a priority review, which means Germans, members of EU countries and legally admitted refugees took priority in the placement by the employment agency. At the moment, in most regions of Germany, the priority review is no longer made. Asylum seekers therefore may be able to find a job earlier.

In the case of asylum seekers from safe countries of origin (these are, besides the EU countries, the states of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Senegal and Serbia), who have applied for asylum after the 31st of August 2015, there is a permanent employment prohibition for the duration of the asylum procedure.

Otherwise, after a stay of 15 months in Germany asylum seekers and tolerated refugees can take up work without restrictions.